H3R Super 5

The Super-5 (also known as a Super High 5 and a Pentafecta) is essentially a bet where the bettor must select the top 5 finishers in a race in the correct order, with one twist:

  • This is apool where the net pool, plus carryover (if applicable) will pay out only when ONE (1) single winning ticket exists.
  • If multiple winning tickets exist, 50% of the today’s net pool will be paid to ticket holders with 5 of 5 winners, and the remaining 50% of the net pool will be added into the next day’s carryover pool. If no tickets with 5 of 5 winners exist, then 100% of that days’ net bet will be added to the next day’s carryover pool. The carryover will continue to grow until a single ticket wins.
  • $0.20 bet minimums
  • Commission rate: 20.3%
  • The Super-5 will pay out with the guaranteed amount of $1,000.00 (net pool) any time that there is a single winning ticket.