Lucien Bombardier

The Lucien Bombardier Pace is a stake race to 2-year-old pacing fillies in 2018 that are registered with Standardbred Canada prior to the date on which nominations close (May 15, 2018) and are sired by a stallion that stood in Canada for the entire 2015 breeding season, OR non-Canadian sired fillies that are wholly owned by residents or citizens of Canada from the time of nomination (May 15, 2018).

The race will be held on Sunday, October 7th, 2018

To be qualify to Lucien Bombardier Pace, nomination fee of $300 CND is payable NO LATER THAN MAY 15, 2018.

There is no supplemental fee if the nomination has been omitted by the closing date of nomination payment.

Nomination fee is payable by cheque (in Canadian dollars) made out to Standardbred Canada and must be submitted to :

Standardbred Canada
a/s Stakes Department
2150 Meadowvale Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 6R6

The starting fee of $500 CND is payable in cash or by cheque (in Canadian dollars) made out to Quebec Jockey Club to the race secretary at Hippodrome 3R racetrack prior one hour before the start of the race.

If more than 9 fillies are declared to start, the event will be contested in more than one division with a maximum of 9 fillies per race.

The advertised purse for the event will be $15,000 ($5,483 will be contributed by Standardbred Canada $9,517 by Quebec Jockey Club).

All nomination and starting fees will be added to the purse.

If the race will be contested in more than one division, the purse in each race will be determined as follow : (a) the amount of the advertised purse and nomination fees shall be equally divided among the divisions and (b) the starting fees shall be divided among the divisions in proportion to the number of starters in each division.

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